The Stagehand

Title: The Stagehand
Date created: Fall 09
Genre: Performance
Platform: Playmotion
Team Size: 4
Role in creating the game: programmer
System Requirements: Panda3D ver 1.6 and python

Information: Made for Round 4 of Building Virtual Worlds.

Modeler: Franz Mendonsa
Texture Artist: Christopher Bell
Sound Design: Joan Kim
Programmer: Yang Shan
Performer: Mark Piscizor

I did all programming in python using the Panda3D game engine.

The objective of Round 4 was to tell an interactive story. Our group's idea stemmed from when Chris noticed that a director's chair, folded up sideways, looks like a horse. We then decided to use the concept that shadows are alive. We used the playmotion and LED lights to detect and position shadow puppets made by the actor. The result is a classic clowning performance piece.

In our story, a stagehand encounters a director's chair shadow that becomes a live shadow horse. The stagehand interacts with the horse and creates shadow puppets to entertain it. When the stagehand has to leave, the shadow horse is sad that he will lose his new friend. In the finale, creates another shadow horse so the two horses can keep each other company.

The Stagehand from Yang Shan on Vimeo.

This video is live action video from the BVW Show.