Late One Night

Title: Late One Night
Date created: Fall 09
Genre: 3D "Where's Waldo" inspired game
Platform: Playmotion
Team Size: 4
Role in creating the game: programmer
System Requirements: Panda3D ver 1.6 and python

Information: Made for Round 3 of Building Virtual Worlds.

Modeler: Tom Luong
Texture Artist: Stephen Dewhurst
Sound Design: Rachel Berkowitz
Programmer: Yang Shan

I did all programming in python using the Panda3D game engine.

Round 3 is Lightning Round for Building Virtual Worlds. For lightning round, our team had 1 week ( 7 days ) to create a game that was fun and would lend to replayability. We used "Where's Waldo?" as our inspiration and wanted to create a game involving finding the correct person. The interaction is using a flashlight to shine a beam on the screen. While our texture artist was trying to think of different characters to draw, he decided to use the current students at the ETC as reference. From there, we decided to create a world with Mii-like avatars for all 80 students of ETC 2011. Our sound artist then set to work to recorded dialog from each of the 80 students. In the game, when the flash light focused on a person in the world, that student would wave and say one the phrases that student recorded. The entire class was very interested in the game because they could recognize both themselves and their fellow classmates on the screen.

For gameplay, we then added a zombie infestation theme. The guest must shine the light on an infected zombie to zap him/her. If left uncontrolled, zombies will infect healthy people close to them. There are multiple levels -- the higher the level, the more students start out infected.

Late One Night from Yang Shan on Vimeo.

game play video