Title: Fusion
Date created: Fall 2010
Genre: 3D mix of First Person Shooter (FPS), Racing, and 2D Puzzle
Team Size: 6
Role in creating the game: lead programmer
System Requirements: Unity 3D Installed. Internet

Information: A genre blending cooperative game made as a student pitch project.

Team Asymmetrical Cooperative Gaming (ACG):
Co-Producer/Artist: Evelyn Chang
Co-Producer/Designer: Stephen Dewhurst
Artist: Maokai Xiao
Programmer: Yan Lin
Programmer: Leon Liang
Faculty Advisors: Ruth Comley and John Dessler

Asymmetrical Cooperative Gaming (ACG) was a student pitch project for the ETC's Fall 2010 semester. The ETC accepted our project goal, which was to create a game that enables people who liked different genres of games to be able to play together. For example, if a mother and a son want to play a game together, but the son only likes Halo while the mom wants to play Bejeweled, the two of them can play together in the same game experience using our game, Fusion. Fusion is a team versus team combat game that is different from existing coop games on the market because it aims to preserve the gameplay style of each genre while allowing cooperative play. Games such as Halo have a vehicle combat element, but the driver of the vehicle is limited to supporting the First Person Shooter player. In Fusion, each genre has offensive, defensive, and supportive abilities. Fusion was created using Unity 3D and requires a separate computer and internet for each player.

Overall, Fusion is successful as a prototype game that allows people who like different game genres to play together. Fusion has been featured in a Gamasutra article.