Fly Rider

Title: Fly Rider
Date created: Fall 09
Genre: 3D Adventure Ride
Platform: Playmotion
Team Size: 4
Role in creating the game: programmer
System Requirements: Panda3D ver 1.6 and python

Information: Made for Round 1 of Building Virtual Worlds.

Modeler: Tom Corbett
Texture Artist: Michael Honeck
Sound Design: David Teot
Programmer: Yang Shan

I did all programming in python using the Panda3D game engine. I modified a that crystal shader found online to get a more realistic glass shader for the beaker and the test tubes.

The guest is a student and victim of a shrink ray experiment gone horribly wrong. After being shrunk, the guest meets a fly that has been trapped in the scientist's lab. The fly wants to get to the window but has a poor sense of direction. The guest wants to get to the window because the enlargement ray is located there. With a common goal in mind, the guest rides the fly and gives the fly directions to avoid obstacles as they both fly towards the window.

Mechanics: The fly is on a rail and and the guest leans left and right with his body to help the fly avoid obstacles in the air.

Fly Rider - BVW 2009 from Michael Honeck on Vimeo.

game play video uploaded by team member Mike Honeck